How to Select and work with a
WWWebsite Designer

Choose and register your domain, ASAP!
Once a domain name has been reserved, it's off the market - UNLESS you're ready to pay dearly.

See For Yourself.
If you don't know the Web, then how can you recognize your own best path.

What's your competition up to?
The last thing you want is a Website that's inferior to their's.

Collect your company's information.
Gather all the materials you'll need to guide prospective designers.

Outline your Web project with a navigation map.
Have a reasonably clear idea how your information will be organized.

Who did Websites you like? Ask for referrals.
Let your friends, associates and your tastes and requirements to guide you toward a designer who's Websites you like. Are they available?

Ask for a list of a prospective designer's clients.
Test their Websites for clarity, speed and efficiency. Ask their clients satisfied they are with how the projects came together.

What did their Websites ultimately cost?
Low hourly rates means absolutely nothing if projects take forever or outcomes don't meet with reasonable expectations. Cheap Websites which engage no one are a waste of time, money and cyberspace.

Consider investing a modest fee for a well-thought-out proposal.
It can sometimes be difficult to estimate how long a project will take, what will be involved and what it ultimately cost, without research and a preliminary design. This also offers an opportunity to try working with your chosen designer before making a full commitment.

Learn to read and understand Web statistics.
It's unnecessary to take as truth anyone's claims about hit counts. Why not see for yourself; learn how to read and evaluate Web statistics.


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