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West Los Angeles
 for Nature Logo
The West L.A. Chamber of Commerce had an existing CMS Website which worked OK but was dearly in need of attention. Rather than abandoning this infrastucture, I redesigned the site to improve its appearance and functionality. I've managed this site since June, 2010.

St. Augustine's Church St. Augustine's by-the-Sea Episcopal Church

Dada redesigned and has maintained Saint Augustine's Website since January, 2002. After completing it's first year in operation, Mr. Koeppe was proud to be recognized with an award for "outstanding service to our congregation".

Western Alliance
 for Nature Logo  
Western Alliance for Nature

WAN Conservancy
Preserving Everyone's Heritage for All Generations
The WAN Conservancy Web site offered Dada Design a rare opportunity to work with beautiful nature photography to showcase an environmental organization. The Western Alliance for Nature is dedicated to protecting and setting aside important habitat for migratory birds and marine mammals.

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