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Dada Design is proud to have lent a hand in founding several important local Web sites. As the internet grew and changed, so did our client base. Archived here are the main interfaces for a few of these sites. Please note that they are for portfolio purposes only, and many of the links are disabled.

In January of 1995, the City of Santa Monica went on the World Wide Web with a design which featured it's famous pier sign. Nearly a hundred hyperlinks leading to various departments within the city were listed under artwork created for each category. In October of 1998 this design was retired by the City after it adopted a completely new design, but only after nearly 4 years of award-winning service.

Santa Monica Pier Sign is Service Mark Reg. Cal. & TM (ARCHIVE) - PEN development page (ARCHIVE)

Steven Koeppe served as Senior Web Designer of the New Media Division of Los Angeles Times Syndicate from September, 1998 through October, 2000, when LA Times new owner laid off our entire division. His duties involved showcasing LA Times photography and designing syndicated features which re-purposed printed features. While working for the Times he was asked to stop work for the City and, Big Blue Bus and other outside clients. After the layoff he re-established his business and has remained self-employed.

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